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   Aries   Mar 21 - Apr 19
Mercury and Neptune, the planets of communication and imagination both turn retrograde today, creating a powerful sense of nostalgia. With the Moon involved, there is a strong emotional component to things, making it important to listen to your intuition. With Mercury turning retrograde in a very smart and savvy part of your chart and Neptune in an area that promotes wishful thinking and stirs your imagination, let your mind wander.
   Taurus   Apr 20 - May 20
The world of second chances opens up today, with Mercury turning retrograde in your income sector just as Neptune turns retrograde in your career sector. Together they're turning back down paths already covered, bringing second chances on both the professional and the financial front. It is doors that were previously closed or opportunities that can now be revisited, that are begging for a second chance, with hindsight providing the clues.
   Gemini   May 21 - Jun 21
As a Mercury ruled sign, you're able to take maximum advantage of Mercury's retrograde move in your sign today, avoiding the communication breakdowns and gaining from a chance to look back. With the communication lines to the past now reopen, you're able to say words that weren't said before or follow lines of communication that were cut off prematurely. This is your chance to say the words you couldn't say before.
   Cancer   Jun 22 - Jul 22
Neptune, planet of dreams and fantasies, turns retrograde in your money sector today, on the same day as Mercury turns retrograde. With Mercury also triggering your imagination and your intuition, with the focus on the past, this is allowing you to look back at your financial situation, putting things into perspective. With Mars moving forward in your income sector, allowing a financial situation to wallow is not part of the equation.
   Leo   Jul 23 - Aug 22
A very nostalgic focus kicks in today, on two fronts, both of them connected with people. On the same day that Mercury turns retrograde in your friendship sector, giving you a chance to reconnect with old friends, Neptune turns retrograde in your relationship sector, bringing second chances. Allow things to come to light naturally, forming your opinions in response to a situation, not before they occur. Avoid prejudging anyone.
   Virgo   Aug 23 - Sep 22
There is a real need to stop and pay attention today, especially on the professional front. On the same day and within hours of each other, Mercury turns retrograde in your career sector and Neptune turns retrograde in your job sector. This is no coincidence and needs to be seen as a sign to slow down and take notice. There is a valuable chance to retrace your steps, take aim and give yourself the time needed to make informed choices.
   Libra   Sep 23 - Oct 23
A cosmic conspiracy is determined to see you have some fun, so much so that both Mercury and Neptune turn retrograde today, turning back the clock. With Mercury hoping to revisit old adventures and mix wanderlust with nostalgia, Neptune is evoking old dreams that come straight from the heart. It's the memory of past adventures and past pleasures that is becoming hard to resist, which is why the stars advise you not to.
   Scorpio   Oct 24 - Nov 21
Mercury, planet of communication and smart thinking, turns retrograde in your financial sector today, bringing a need for a more cautious approach to your money game. While the Sun is providing a real sense of where you are going and what you're aiming for and Venus is enhancing your financial desires, there is a hold on any rash moves. Give yourself time to examine all your options, knowing it's about taking aim, not being quick off the mark.
   Sagittarius   Nov 22 - Dec 21
Mercury and Neptune are a double act today, both turning retrograde and actively working to support each other. With Mercury in your relationship sector and Neptune in your communication sector, this has a double impact on your communications, especially when it comes to the past. You now have a chance to address old issues and old dreams and fantasies at the same time, knowing that it's a balance between the two that will work.
   Capricorn   Dec 22 - Jan 19
Mercury and Neptune are so supportive and in tune, that they are sticking together like glue, both turning retrograde today, turning their attention away from the future and onto the past. With Mercury in your job sector and Neptune in your income sector, it is the past that is now set to become a fertile field, waiting to be explored and mined. As both new and old doors open, keep an open mind and be open to second chances.
   Aquarius   Jan 20 - Feb 18
A twist in cosmic events sees both Mercury and Neptune turn retrograde today, both turning their focus onto the past and taking your heart and your imagination with them. This brings a nostalgic twist to things that is destined to be enjoyable and revealing. With Mercury in a very romantic and creative part of your chart and Neptune in your sign, this signals a chance to pursue something that has previously been denied.
   Pisces   Feb 19 - Mar 20
Mercury turns retrograde in your home and family sector today, just as you are a lot more open to changing your mind or your perceptions. This makes it much more likely that you'll change your mind over a home, family or property situation, which cautions you to avoid committing to anything you might change your mind on later. Keep an open mind, allowing Mercury's retrograde move to reveal all your options.

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