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Rooma Nanda is currently in the finance industry, working as a residential mortgage consultant. She has over 10 years work experience with various corporates, such as, IBM and Yellow Pages. Rooma has done her MBA from Sydney, and is passionate about learning on a constant basis.  This column is to highlight the achievements of certain individuals who could be a source of inspiration for others. Email 
It was a great honour for we Indians in Australia, when one of our fellow country men's work was short listed in an internationally renowned short film festival - TROPFEST - recently held in Sydney. The most amazing fact is that the film was compiled by a hobby film-maker who has not done any formal training in film making but is working full time as a system consultant with Compaq, Sydney.

Sudarshan Narayana (alias Suda Navada)- a multifaceted person with a plethora of talent has recently made up to the international level of short film making. Suda has always been passionate about short films and has explored his talent to the extent that the gurus of film-making took notice & recognised his work. Suda has proved the old saying 'where there is a will there is a way.

Born & brought up in Bangalore, Suda had never done any formal training in filmmaking as mentioned above. The only other influencing factor apart from his own passion has been his maternal uncle, who is a known cinematographer in the Indian film industry - S. Ramachandra - who did the cinematography for a very well known TV serial, Malgudi days and many others. With this kind of passion and professionalism, it is not far when the world will come to know of another great Indian name in film making. Lets find out more about Suda in his own words...(If you would like to contact Suda, please send him an email

Q: Please tell us about yourself - where in India you came from? Tell us about your schooling & higher education. Any professional achievements in India or anywhere else prior to this one?
Suda: I come from Bangalore in South India, capital of Karnataka, the state of the kannada speaking people. Studied upto Pre-University at National College, Bangalore and took to vocational training in MICO, Bangalore rather than university education. Worked as an Electrical Technician until 1990 and since been working in the IT Industry starting as a computer operator and currently as a System management Consultant with Compaq. No formal training in Film making, but interesting in the craft for a long time. Hence, currently could call myself a hobby filmmaker! Acted in a couple of films as a child artiste, then made a short film "Help!" at 15 in 1979 for a short film festival in Bangalore.I have been active in theatre acting, directing and writing/translating plays. Reading and writing poetry is one of my passionate activities. I was actively involved in the amateur theatre movement in Bangalore, India between 1979 and 1992 and gained experience in various aspects of theatre including sound, acting, set design, music and direction. Started and ran "Monday Theatre", an intimate theatre event featuring short experimental plays for new and upcoming theatre enthusiasts (1987-88, Bangalore, India). Started a Kannada theatre group "Anivaasi" in Sydney in April 2000. Designed and directed "Bekku-Baavi", for the group in 2000 and "Jugarikoota" in 2001 (an adaptation of the Russian play "The Gamblers" by Nikolai Gogol). Published two plays ("Leela-Jaala", "Jugarikoota") and "Chowki", a poetry collection in 2001. Produced and directed "Janapada Loka - a world of folklore", a 22 min documentary featuring an open-air folk museum in 2001. I am keen to produce documentaries and feature films in future and pursue a professional career in film industry.

Q: When did first arrive here in Australia? How did you start your careerand what difficulties did you find in this industry here?
Suda: I came to Australia in 1992 and have continued to work in IT Industry since. With next to no contacts in the film industry, it is quite hard to put together a project. (which I am working on now)

Q: Tell us about your film - "Clouds weep on the greenness" - that has brought you fame through Tropfest. What inspired you to make this film.
Suda:It is a short film, just under 7 mins about an old asylum seeker who drowned and died while making to Australia. The story is narrated by her granddaughter living in Australia. The event is real and occured couple of days before the federal elections in Nov 2001. But the narration and the character is fiction. The day I heard the news about two women asylum seeker's death and that one of them was 70 years old, there was lot of anti-refugee rhetoric on media and in people's minds. I had to react to all that. I first wrote a poem and then visualised it into this short film.

Q: What are your aspirations and future plans?
Suda: I have a few scripts in mind for short features and documentaries. Working on one of them right now.

Q: How did you become a film maker. Was it always a dream or the circumstances lead you to this destination?
Suda: I was always interested in film making. Just now, the opportunity to post-produce your film on a home computer has given me a big boost to realise my dreams. This of course is a good starting point to establish and prove your skills. Becoming a finalist in Tropfest has further strengthened my confidence in the craft of film-making.

Q: Suda, would you like to give any message to the upcoming young breed of film-makers?
Suda:The only message is to draw the attention to the fact that the technology to make a short film is much more accessable now than it was a few years ago. What it means is, anyone with a compelling idea can make a short film. Of course, having an idea to share is paramount. To be passionate about our ideas and endeavour to realise it is all we need.

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