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Alley  Sheila
Executive Assistant
Curtin Business School, PERTH WA 6845
Ph: (08) 9266 7553

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Ayyar, Mohan
Date of birth 18/10/69
I am a Research Analyst with the
NSW State government. Migrated to Australia from Uganda in 1973.  I take an active role in organising Carnatic music concerts in Sydney.
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Anamalay Ravi
Born in Malaysia and migrated to Oz Dec 1986
Currently doing a phd in Tribology at the department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering, University of Western Australia.

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Babaria Rakesh
Born on 27th October 1973 in Ahmedabad, settled in Kerala.
Currently doing Master's of Applied science in Computer Science
(James Cook University of North Queensland, Townsville)

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Balachandran Divya
Bborn on 27th June 1973, migrated to Australia when young, from
New Delhi, India. I have my Bachelor's in Science, double major: Mathematical Statistics
from Monash University, class of 1995. Currently, I am doing my Grad-Dip in Info. Tech. from Central Queensland University.

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Balachandran Raghu
Born on 12th May 1975. presently doing Bachelor
of Infomation System from Monash University.

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Bhardway Pradeep
I am working here in Melbourne with NEC Australia Pty Ltd. as Systems
Engineer on the Global Satellite Mobile Phone Project (ICONET). Would love
to have more interactions in future.

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Bhatia Saroj
Deputy Director,  ACT Health Library

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Bharadwaj Vijay
My date of birth is 15 February 1972. I migrated to Australia in 1991.
I graduated from Macquarie University.
Currently working as a Tax Consultant in Coopers & Lybrand.

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Charan Gita
I migrated to Australia in Aug 97. Currently working as a Software Engineer

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Chattopadhayaya Lakshman
Graduated from University of the State of New York (USA)
Working as a Director  I C Television Pty. Ltd. Sydney
Phone: +612-929
9 6022 (Work)  +612-9635 6148 (H)
Chauhan Ashima
My name is Ashima Chauhan DOB:21/08/78
I have lived in Australia since 1983 and am currently studying at the University of Melbourne. I hope to complete my Commerce/IS degree which I am currently tackling.
I would love to hear from anyone wanting to discuss anything or just converse on a regular basis.
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Chilamakurti Naveen Kumar
Presently working as a Associate Lecturer in Dept. of Computer
Science, La Trobe University, Born in Andhra Pradesh ( INDIA) on 29th DEC, 1971 and settled as P.R from 1996.

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Chodnekar Yateen
Network Administrator, Working in Japan

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Christian Rajeev
Migrated to Australia in 1996
Working as Marketing Director with AT&T Communication Services Australia.

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Dandona Rajesh
Civil engineer by profession. M.B. A (Finance) from UTS SYDNEY.
Currently doing trading business in Australia.

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Iyer Dr. Mahesh Prakash
Born in 1975 in Mumbai and graduating as a chemical engineer from UDCT in 1997, I migrated to Melbourne Australia to do my PhD in computational fluid dynamics in Victoria University Melbourne. I am working in CSIRO, Mathematical and Information Systems as a Senior Research Scientist since year 2000. My interests include classical music, tennis, badminton and cricket.
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Iyer, Priya Mahesh
Born in 1981 and graduating as a chemical engineer from Mumbai Univeristy in 2002, I migrated to Melbourne Australia after getting married to Mahesh in 2003. I am presently doing my PhD in Nanotechnology in Monash Chemistry/CSIRO Forestry and Forest Products for a CRC Smartprint project. My areas of interests are painting, singing, classical music, group discussions and cricket.
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Jain Alok
I am working as a Systems Administrator for an Australian company based  in Noble Park Melbourne.

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Jamthe Manish
Graduated from Regional Eng. College Nagpur & Posgraduated from IIT,Bombay
Working as Project Manager with Commonwealth bank of Australia, Sydney.

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Jessenby Joseph Suraj Jessenby
I am a SriLankan who spent most of my time in India. I call India my motherland now. I am doing a double degree in Mechatronic Engineering and Computer Science in the University of New South Wales, NSW. Am in 2nd year now.
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Kavita Lisa (due to my Indospanish-chinese heritage)
I'm currently doing BSc. Biomedical Science in Melb University. I was born on 7 November 1979. 

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Kayes Ram
6/167 Marine Parade, Southport, QLD - 4215, Australia
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Krishnamoorthy Lata
Born in 1971, and married to Mohan Krishnamoorthy (in 1991), Lata is a resident of Melbourne. Lata immigrated to Australia in 1992 and is a South Indian Classical (Carnatic Music) Vocalist in Melbourne. She performs  and teaches Carnatic Music and her home page contains plenty of information about Indian classical music.

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Krishnamoorthy  Dr Mohan
Born on 14 July 1962 in Bangalore South India and migrated to Australia in 1992. Presently working as a Research Scientist in the CSIRO Division of Mathematics and Statistics. Melbourne.

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Kumar Rajan
Born     : Ranchi, Bihar, India
Education: Masters from St. Petersburg State Technical University, Russia
Position : Software Engineer
Company  : Unidata Inc.

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Lopez Gerry
I was born in Varanasi.  I am a Project Scheduler and Systems Analyst.
Immigrated to Australia in 1975.

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Mahesh Sanjiv
Technical Consultant, Fulcrum Technologies

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Mahimkar Anup
Project Manager
Financial Network Services (a leading Banking software house in Sydney)
Currently doing a project in Jakarta Indonesia. Wife Anuradha & son Karan

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Mangat Amarpreet Singh
Civil Engineer from GNEC Ludhiana, working in Sydney Australia with John Holland Construction.
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Mishra Anshuman
I work for CCH Aust. as a programmer R&D.North Ryde Sydney I migrated to OZ in Nov.95, I was born in N-Delhi,raised all over India finally setteling down in Hyderabad in AP.I did my BE in CSE at Guru Nanak Dev Engg College at Nanak Jhira Sahib at Bidar near Hyderabad .
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Mittal Vivek
Born on 2nd December 1977 in New Delhi Migrated to Australia in February, 1995
Currently studying BE in Computer Systems at Monash University

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Mohan Puneet
Born on 28.03.59 at Lucknow, India. School: Colvin Taluqdars College, Lucknow. MBBS and MD (medicine) from JN Medical College, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh. PhD  from University of Antwerp, Antwerp, Belgium. Presently working at The Cardiology Unit, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Adelaide.
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Nambiyath Sasikumar
I was born in Kerala and now possess a  PhD from University of Madras. Currently working at the University of New South Wales, Sydney.Migrated to Australia in  May 1997.
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Nayyar Ravi
Consultant, self employed, settled in Canberra.
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Padmanabhan Suresh
Born on 12th January 1961
My Position is Systems Manager, AT&T Capital Australia Ltd
Education : Completed Masters in Mathematics, University of Madras. Completed B.App. Science (Computer Science) University of Technology, Sydney Currently doing M.B.A. (Technology Management) Migrated to Australia in 1986 from the state of Tamil Nadu, Madras.

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Panzera Dominic
Born in Australia to Italian father and Indian Mother.
Did 5 years in the French Foreign Legion and is studying
Engineering at Monash University. 

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Pillai, Bala Subramaniyam
Born on 28th February 1958 in Seremban, Malaysia
Migrated to Australia in Dec 1990
Graduated from the University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Virginia, USA
Currently Chief Netballer/CEO of The Asia Pacific Internet Company Pty Ltd
Former Regional Manager, Reuters Southeast Asia, Australia & NZ  (Electronic Commerce & Online Publishing) based in Hong Kong then Sydney

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Prakash J. Vinodh
Nickname : Vinny
Date Of Birth : 31/10/77
Interests : Tennis and Reading books and Surfing the net.
I am currently doing my fourth year engineering(Electrical And
Electronic) degree at SWINBURNE UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY in Melbourne,
Victoria. I am living here with my parents for the past six years(since  1991). I have two brothers and I dog.

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Prasad Rajan Shyam
Doctoral Student at RMIT
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Rajesh S
Position: Marketing Executive, Company: MINDWARE
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Rajput Vinod Kumar
Having studied at I.I.T., Kharagpur, I migrated to Australia as a Geophysicist. Now, I spend most of my time in music. Produced a CD titled "TIMELESS MELODIES - A TRIBUTE TO MUKESH" which has been very well received by our community. Recently released a CD titled "BHANGAROO MAGIC" which has International and Indian rhythms, with music given by Chandran Paul. Our band is available for small and large
concerts. Email me  or  My Home Page
Ranganathan Dr. Shoba                     
Computational Mol Biology & Drug Design Group
Div. of Biochemistry & Mol. Biology
John Curtin School of Medical Research                 
Australian National University
Canberra ACT 2002 , Phone: +616-279 8301,  Fax: +616-249 0415

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Roy Subroto
DOB 23/8/58. Sydney based marketing academic and consultant.
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Saini Singh Harvinder
B.Sc Comp. Sci (Melb Uni), AACS
Working for a comsulting firm as a Computer Systems Consultant in  Melbourne. I'm looking for interested poeple to form a loose business  relationship to produce computer software - mainly games - since the market is  vast and the potential for success is higher. If you are interested, then

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Sequeira Derek
I moved to Australia in 1994 and am  currently with the Centre for Enhancing
Learning and Teaching  at Charles Sturt University in Albury, NSW. I have a Ph D in
Educational Management and would love to hear from fellow Indians in  Australia.

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Sethu Shaji
I am an engineer in Australia and I work for David Brown Gear Industries.
My Home Page
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Shanker Animesh
Born on 27 November 1969 at  Patna ,Bihar INDIA ,currently pursuing  MBA
Information  Systems from GRIFFITH  UNIVERSITY ,Nathan campus ,QLD   AUSTRALIA .Ph : 07 3844 2135

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Sharma Shashank
Lived in Chandigarh. Presently working as Group Administrator - IT at Banque Nationale de Paris
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Sharma Sunil
Born and raised in New Delhi, India. Spend last couple of years USA before finally migrated to Australia in January'95. Presently working with CSC Australia in Canberra, ACT
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Sikand Ashok
SCHOOL - St Columbas,Delhi - Mt St Marys, Delhi
Hotel Management - Institute of Hotel Management, Delhi
Institute of Hotel Management, Salzburg, Austria.
PRESENTLY - Ginger Garlic Restaurant, 9/9 Dudley St, Eltham,Vic 3095, AUSTRALIA.

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Singh Ajay Kumar
Presently  doing my masters in Information Systems at Griffith University, Brisbane.
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Singh Jasminder
Born in Punjab, 1967.  Emigrated to OZ on 2nd Feb 1995.
Engineer (Mechanical) Currently doing Masters degree at University of Western Australia, Nedlands, WA 6907.

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Singh Mandhir Paul
Born in Ratlam, MP, India.
Migrated to Australia in Feburary 1989.
Working as a IT Manager with Harlequin Mills & Boon Sydney.

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Singh Munjeet
Presently doing Bachelor of Business Management at Uni of SA.
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Singh Rameet
Graduated from St. Xavier's College, Bombay.
Migrated to Australia in April 1995.
Working as a Software Engineer with Onyx Software,  Sydney.

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Siva Shankar
Born in 1975 at Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu. Lived in Bangalore all my
life, currently doing my last year in Bachelor of Computing.
Vice President (Admin) Student Association at the University of Ballarat.

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Srikanth Krishna
Born on 22nd December 1972 in Mysore, South India.
After completing my Electrical & Electronics Engg from Mysore University I came to Australia. presently I'm studying Masters of Information  Technology  at University of Canberra.

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Suares Mark
I migrated to Australia in 1974. I completed a B.A.Honours degree from Bangalore University, India and taught at St Germain High School for a short while before migrating. I worked as a Librarian for twenty one years in a public library in Victoria. Now I am employed as the Business Manager of The Australian Institute of Management Bookshop in Melbourne. I am an Associate of the Australian Library and Information
Association. I would love to hear from fellow Bangaloreans.

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Tripathi Dev
Born on 01-09-1965
Currently working with Chase Manhattan Bank and about to start a joint venture with an Australian company in India on software training. 

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Vasagar Manicka 
I came to WA in 1983 and workink here since, but not sure what I am doing.I am from Malaysia, lived in London 7 years, traveled Europe, South India, and Asia. I like current affairs and politics and have a view on anything and everything.
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Viswanathan Narain
I am presently a Systems Consultant with Telstra Multimedia Pty Ltd. I specialise in consulting for Internet Service providers in software and systems development.
I am a Computer Engineer from University of Poona and did my Master of Science (Honours) in Computer Science from University of Wollongong, Australia. I migrated to Australia in May 1995.

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